During this timeframe the laboratory has accumulated a significant database of
environmental testing capability and experience derived from the exacting requirements
of our customers. The laboratory has consequently built up a knowledge resource base in
related fields such as inspection and test witnessing, prototype fabrication, functional
and developmental testing, engineering consulting services, component and equipment
assembly, etc.

AERO NAV LABORATORIES now offers its broad capabilities and experience in
environmental simulation testing and contract manufacturing to customers looking for
cost-effective solutions to resolve manufacturing and program problems, to reduce
in-house costs, to free-up internal staffing, etc. Contract manufacturing and engineering
consulting services may also be advantageous where the required services are outside
the core competence of the customer.

AERO NAV LABORATORIES operates in an efficient and relatively low overhead cost
structure and passes these savings on to our customers. This feature will result in highly
beneficial cost savings for our customers compared to doing the work in-house.
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Contract Manufacturing and Engineering Services
Contract Manufacturing and Engineering Services
located in College Point,
Queens, New York (near
LaGuardia airport) has served
the military and industrial
communities since 1974 in the
field of environmental simulation
testing. The laboratory includes
its customers most of the
major companies in the defense
sector as well as many other
companies in the non-defense

AERO NAV LABORATORIES has a highly capable engineering staff. Our experienced staff
enables AERO NAV to address not only environmental testing, but a wide range of
engineering programs. Included are engineering analyses, CAD, failure analyses,
metallurgical examinations, contract manufacturing and others. The following individuals
contribute to this capability:
TONY PHEKOO     (e-mail:  tony@aeronavlabs.com)                

Vice-President of Engineering/Sales at AERO NAV LABORATORIES. He is in charge of the engineering and customer relation’s
activities at the laboratory.

Tony is an electro-mechanical engineering graduate of the City College of New York (CCNY).

His experience includes over two decades at AERO NAV LABORATORIES. His expertise and capabilities are in the areas of
environmental simulation testing such as shock, vibration, electro-dynamic shaker control, EMI, fixture design, quote
preparation, technical reports such as test procedures, and final test reports.

WALTER CIENSKI     (email:  walter@aeronavlabs.com)

Vice President of Testing Services at AERO NAV LABORATORIES. He shares the responsibility for the daily operations of the
test laboratory. Walter is also involved in the development, design and application of customer test programs.

Walter is a graduate of the State University at Farmingdale and also holds an Aerospace Power Plant Technician Certificate.

He has over 3 decades experience in the environmental testing field, which includes service with TII Testing, Curtiss Wright
Flight Systems and Aero Nav Laboratories. He has extensive technical and hands-on experience in environmental as well as
functional and developmental testing. His many years of experience are a valuable asset to our customers.

ARTUR LITOVKA     (e-mail:  artur@aeronavlabs.com)

Project engineer at AERO NAV LABORATORIES in College Point, Queens, NY. He is involved in testing and analyses of results
of structureborne vibratory acceleration, airborne sound, and internally excited vibration generated by shipboard equipment.
He is also responsible for the project development and detailed design of equipment constraint tests, established by
interface standard for shipboard systems.

Artur is a radio-mechanical, electronic and communications engineering (CIP code 14.1001) graduate of the Baltic State
Technical University, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

His experience includes 25 years with 4 years at Custom Power Systems Corporation and 7 years at API Technologies
Corporation where he was an Engineer Manager of Environmental Testing. He was responsible for production and
acceptance tests, which include naval landing and launching equipment, flight control and landing systems, data
communication, test, and aircraft ground support equipment.

KEVIN D. BETETA     (e-mail:  kevin@aeronavlabs.com)

Project Engineer at AERO NAV LABORATORIES in College Point, Queens, NY. He is in charge of project management from the
quoting phase to final test report submittal.

A mechanical engineering (BEME) graduate of the City College of New York (CCNY), Kevin holds a Master's Degree in
Mechanical Engineering.

His expertise and capabilities are in the areas of environmental simulation testing such as shock, vibration, temperature,
altitude, humidity, explosive atmosphere, fire testing, quote preparation, technical reports such as test procedures, and final
test reports. His knowledge also extends to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), 3-D modeling of test fixtures for Finite
Element Analysis (FEA), as well as analyses and data processing using packages such as MATLAB.

In addition to his Mechanical Engineering background, he has acquired skills in graphic design, web design, and Website
Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
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AERO NAV LABORATORIES is committed to supplying high-quality testing, mechanical
contract manufacturing, and engineering consulting services to industry and the

To achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, the laboratory provides technical
support throughout the programs from initial planning to completion.

AERO NAV LABORATORIES takes pride in the numerous projects that it has performed
over the years.  Of particular merit is the contribution that the lab has made to the
military preparedness of the United States armed forces.


AERO NAV LABORATORIES is a long-time provider of environmental, developmental, and functional testing
. The laboratory has now expanded its range of services utilizing the experience it has gained in over
3 decades of meeting the testing needs of its customers. It now offers contract manufacturing and
engineering consulting services.