• Functional testing of components or assemblies demonstrates their ability to meet
    the design requirements set forth by the customer. Functional testing, unlike
    environmental testing, demonstrates the functionality of the equipment by
    subjecting it to various customer–specified cycles of operation under different
    loading conditions, and at all its operating modes. The goals include optimization
    of design after equipment testing, check of operating parameters, calibration, etc.

  • It is important to confirm that a newly developed product will operate as is stated
    in its specifications in as many feasible "worst case scenarios" as possible. At AERO
    NAV LABORATORIES we will use our experience to develop and execute a
    functional testing program specific to our client's needs. The program will be
    designed to verify the functionality and reliability of the given test item.

  • The laboratory is fully equipped with a wide range of transducers, mechanical and
    electrical testing load devices, instrumentation, data acquisition and recording
    equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment for test setups, mounting fixtures,
    etc. Furthermore, the laboratory will design and fabricate any required unique
    setups in support of the functional tests.

  • Interesting examples of this kind of testing can be found in the ARTICLES section.
    One article describes a specialized air blast chamber that AERO NAV LABS
    designed and fabricated. The purpose was to verify the design of a piece of
    equipment required to survive an air blast condition, prior to advancing to the full-
    scale production effort.
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As described above:  specialized air blast chamber designed and fabricated by Aero Nav Laboratories to verify
a prototype design prior to full-scale production.