Witnessing and the associated data
acquisition and recording tasks is
an integral part of the
environmental testing that the
laboratory has performed in-house
at its facility for many years. The
laboratory now offers its capability
in test witnessing to industry.
AERO NAV LABORATORIES will perform the following specific tasks:
  • Serve as an impartial third party observer
  • Observe operational testing and procedures
  • Data acquisition
  • Data recording and analysis
  • Provide equipment and personnel as required
  • Ensure that operational testing and procedures are performed in accordance with
    applicable specifications

Witnessing and verification can be performed on-site, at the customer’s facility or
elsewhere as required. These engineering services may be necessary where quality
control, contractual or legal issues are involved and experienced technical witnesses are

At the conclusion of the witnessing, the laboratory will provide a complete report. It
will present the results of the test including verification of the facilities’ capabilities in
performing the testing, and the adherence to the applicable specifications. It will also
verify that the test equipment is fully calibrated.
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